Captain Oscar Brady Post 298, 2017-2018 Officers & Executive Board Members

Commander: G.Roy McMillon, 269-274-3798 Email:
Membership Chairman-Vice Commander: Sheila Saunders, 269-589-7411 Email:
1st Vice: Phil Groll, 269-209-2376 Email:
Adjutant: Sonja Patrick, 517-231-1818 Email:
Finance Officer: Jack Thom, 269-579-2105 Email:
Service Officer: Austria Johnson, 269-830-2320 Email:
Chaplain: John Gagen, 269-830-4030 Email:
Sgt-at-Arms: Shane Farlen Sr., 269-830-6171
Judge Advocate: Stephanie Cabanting 231-649-0581 Email:
Historian: VACANT

Executive Board: 4 Elected Members, 3 if a position is filled by past Commander of previous term
1. Terry Foreman, 269-968-62481
2. Ron Cady, 269-372-4600
3. Nick Esselman, 269-965-6910

President: Jennifer Cramutolo, 269-420-1032 Email:
First Vice: Kris Demarest, 269-317-8524
Second Vice: Dessa Kibby, 269-965-8309
Secretary: Kathy Anderson, 269-967-3216
Treasurer: Mary Swain, 269-965-9161
Chaplain: Cindi Zarth, 870-530-7276
Historian: Mary Vrshek, 269-967-9189
Sgt-at-Arms: Shellie Wilson, 269-213-6899
Executive Board: Linda Cary, 269-924-8277
Executive Board: Linda Henderson, 269-963-1994
Executive Board: Debra Starkweather, 269-962-6792

Sons of the Legion:
Commander: Todd Wilson, 269-209-4324 Email:
1st Vice Commander: Jonathon Barnes, 269-419-9698
2nd Vice Commander: Garry Jacoby, 269-209-4908
Adjutant: Terry Lee Youmans Jr, 269-275-6154 Email:
Finance Officer: Chuck Burdick, 269-883-6981
Chaplain: Richard Franck, 269-420-8178
Historian: Jimmie Thurman, 269-601-9142
Judge Advocate: Roy Bouffard, 269-964-5077

American Legion Riders:
President: G. Roy McMillon, 269-274-3798 Email:
Vice President: Jerry Cook, 269-721-3451Email:
Secretary: Debbie Bouffard, 269-967-3108 Email:
Treasurer: LoriMcDaniels, 269-358-0188 Email:
1st Sgt-at-Arms: Chaney Overholts, 269-377-6002 Email:
2nd Sgt-at-Arms: Preston Mathis, 269-986-5290 Email:
3rd Sgt-at-Arms: Matt McMurtrie, 269-719-9297 Email:
4th Sgt-at-Arms: Shane Tidwell, 269-986-9527 Email:
Judge Advocate: Terry Youmans Jr, 269-275-6154 Email:
Historian: Shelly Hueckel, 269-275-3853 Email:
Chaplain: John Gagen, 269-830-4030 Email: