Post History

Our original Post was formed from members of the Drum & Bugle Corps and temperate members of Custer Post 54. We met in some of the rooms of the former Post Tavern Hotel. During that time, we called ourselves the Health City Post. On June 1, 1939 we became a chartered Post in Indianapolis, Indiana, and on June 5, 1939 we were made an official Post in Detroit, Michigan. Post 298 was named after a career Army military man, who had seven enlistments, Captain Oscar Brady. He served in the Philippines” Insurrection in 1904 when their government was overthrown. He will be remembered leading the Battle Creek parades riding a horse. Our first Post home was at the Stone Arcade, which was part of the Robinson Building on Michigan Avenue. We climbed wooden steps to reach the second floor for our meetings, the third floor was used for public dancing. Late member, Charles Fales, played the fiddle and Mildred Riester played the piano. These dances were profitable to the 5,000 military forces at Ft. Custer.
In 1949 property was purchased at 136 East Michigan Avenue by the Post. It was a two-story brown residence formerly occupied by Mayor Green. The men held their meetings on the main floor while the Auxiliary met upstairs. Later the backroom downstairs (formerly a garage) was remodeled and the Auxiliary moved into that area. The Post remained at this location for eleven years until Embossing Printers, Inc. purchased the building in 1960. While seeking another permanent Post home, the meetings were held in the Kirby Building at 10 West Michigan Avenue for about two years. It was owned by a former member, Stan Stone. There were no kitchen facilities so the banquets were held at Frank Lewlock’s Restaurant, the Post Tavern, or Carpenters Halls. The latter was rented for bingo games. In 1962 the Post purchased a basement-type structure from the Church of Christ at 40 Green Street. Plans to build an upper story never were realized as in 1976, the city needed the land for expansion. In early 1976 the present home of Captain Oscar Brady Post 298 at 228 North 20th Street was purchased from late member Glen Hanna. Later in 1979, the Dennis-McKeen Post from Urbandale disbanded and their members joined our Post. The first of many improvements began in 1981 with an addition to expand our Bingo and Dinner Hall. In July 1984, this part was destroyed by a fire and the addition was rebuilt. While this was being accomplished, the Auxiliary was able to continue bingo thanks to our friends from the VFW Club on East Jackson Street. In 1990, another addition was added to the north side, which enlarged the bar and lounge area. It also provided a new entrance to the building. Also in 1990, the property next to the parking lot was purchased. In 1993, another addition was added to the rear of the building that provided a new double door entrance to the building. The Auxiliary was chartered on July 25, 1939 and has been a very active partner of the Post. In March 1940, the Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.) was chartered, but it became inactive. In November 1979, it was re-chartered and has been very active since that time, with membership growing. At the west end of the park, the S.A.L. built a memorial to Clayton Hulce. He was the oldest member and a very active one. Post 298 membership is now over 600 members, The S.A.L. Squadron has over 200 members, and the Auxiliary now has over 400 members, leading in the Third District.